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"The Dollar Is Based On Confidence" - Rick Rule

Rethinking The Dollar  ( Original )
DEC 22, 2016

Rethinking The Dollar Interviews Rick Rule as he discusses the real value of the dollar and what's happening to other paper currencies around the world

In this interview we discuss:
1. What comes to mind when he hears the words, "Rethinking the Dollar"?
2. Why is it important for viewers to learn about monetary and financial issues matters in today's economy?
3. What would the Rick Rule Global State of the Economy entail and why?
4. Why is there an international push to remove high denomination notes out of circulation?
5. When will the physical price of metal and the paper price reach a realistic valuation?
6. What makes him the most uneasy or excited for 2017?
7. What are his long terms thoughts of the usage of the Federal Reserve Note 2, 5 or 10 years from now?