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The Threatening Global Debt Crises that Nobody is Looking At  ( Original )
FEB 5, 2018

Being at 5000 years lows in interest rates government's around the world are in for a rude awaking to the realities of explosive debt. Who said debt doesn'y matter

Across the board, our reversal system in interest rates is poised with sharp gaps. This is warning that an uptick in rates will lead to an explosive rally in overall rates and then we will see the costs of funding explode. So buckle up – we are headed to the other side of the storm. We have been in the eye where it is calm but now we are preparing to come out and rates will move upward faster than before.

So be prepared as we move into this violent cycle for the foreseeable future.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Looming Debt Crisis Nobody Seems to Look At by Martin A. Armstrong of on 2/1/18