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USA's Greatest Danger Is Here - Mike Maloney Speaks With Harry Dent

Mike Maloney  ( Original )
FEB 24, 2016

Published on Feb 24, 2016


The greatest danger to America’s prosperity, is the very institution people trust most to protect us: the federal government! To be fair, their intentions are usually good. But government reactions to economic crises are almost always wrong. The central bank, the Federal Reserve, is the worst offender. And it could only get worse from here. With the presidential election coming up, a poorer, more indebted public is looking more and more to the government to help them. Which is why the top candidates are socialists. Unfortunately, socialism and wealth redistribution has never worked. It’s a step in the wrong direction. 


To learn why, watch this 60-minute bonus video from Harry Dent and Mike Maloney:

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