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Video Interview — Mike Maloney on the Biggest Threat to Humanity: Government

Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante 
SEP 27, 2018

Join Mike Maloney for the second half of his interview with Jeff Berwick of Anarchast. Mike pulls no punches: “Most of mankind’s strife comes from government — government slows down an economy, overregulates it, and taxes productive individuals and companies and then transfers that wealth to someone else.”

Mike explains that government causes a “loss of economic energy,” the very thing that creates prosperity. If you don’t engage in a voluntary transaction, less prosperity is created.

In this interview:

  • Economic freedom measures show free people live 20 years longer than those in less free countries
  • Nationalizing and trying to make everyone equal takes everyone down, not up
  • The average Venezuelan is 18 pounds lighter today than 20 years ago, because they voted in socialism and are now starving to death
  • The 3 original reasons for government
  • Government destroys your purchasing power, thus forcing you to work harder to pay for the same things
  • The crypto-currency Mike likes that circumvents government involvement