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When I Buy From GoldSilver, How Can I Pay for My Gold or Silver?

Team GoldSilver 
FEB 13, 2024

We accept a wide variety of payment methods to make investing in precious metals as easy as possible.

  • Orders paid via bank wire or check receive our best price, a 4% discount, but may take slightly longer to process and ship
  • We also accept:

    • Credit and debit cards
    • PayPal (including balances, bank transfers, e-checks, and credit/debit account payments)
    • Venmo
    • Bitcoin

Bank Wire

Bank wires, including from the US and most international banks (either ‘Fed’ or ‘SWIFT’ wires) can be used to pay for orders with no limit on the amount. Bank wire orders typically ship next business day after the wire is received.

Limit: $1,000,000 per bank wire order

Paper Check

Personal and business checks are only accepted from U.S. banks at this time. Checks order shipping is delayed for 5 business days from receipt, to ensure they are not returned without payment.

Limit: $25,000/order; photo of a valid government ID required for all checks.

For both wire and check orders, you may be asked at checkout to secure your order with a deposit (typically 5%) on a credit or debit card, which is credited fully to your order. This is required to secure your price in the market, and serves as protection against market losses from failure to pay cancelled orders.

Bitcoin orders are processed within 24 hours and ship quickly for delivery.


Bitcoin customers receive a 3% discount to the credit card charge, which is 1% over the “cash” price customers using checks and bank wires pay. The Bitcoin network also charges a transaction fee, though it is usually very small.

Limit: $1,000,000/order

Orders placed via credit card, debit card, and PayPal or Venmo process quickly and ship the fastest for delivery orders. They may be subject to limits on daily and per transaction amounts.

Credit and Debit Cards

Most credit and debit cards clear payment immediately at checkout. We accept most major card types globally.

Limit: $75,000/order


We accept all PayPal payment methods (including PayPal-owned Venmo). Users paying with an account balance, using a card or a card-secured bank transfer will have their payments processed immediately.

Unsecured bank transfers (very rare) are subject to hold up to 14 days before PayPal releases the funds to us. Orders typically ship next business day after the payment clears.

Limit: $75,000/order

Note that both credit card and PayPal orders are subject to rigorous fraud screening, and because of the size and nature of purchases are occasionally rejected even when the account is in good standing. If this happens, please notify your card issuer as they may be able to remove the block and allow you to reprocess the transaction. We will notify at checkout when a card is rejected.

Clients may also prefund their accounts with a bank wire for instant processing on future orders. Please contact our customer service team at 1-888-319-8166 or [email protected] for further details on prefunding accounts

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