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Will Deutsche Bank's Collapse Be Worse Than Lehman Brothers?

Phoenix Capital Research  ( Original )
SEP 26, 2016

By Graham Summers

Few analysts noted it, but the $USD actually staged its second strongest day of the year the Friday before last.

The only other day in which the $USD rallied more was on the day of BREXIT, a black swan event that featured EXTREME currency volatility.

This move tells us something BIG is afoot “behind the scenes” in the financial system.

I believe that something is a banking crisis in the EU. The clear signal is coming from Deutsche Bank (DB).

DB is the proverbial “canary in the coalmine” for Europe. Perched atop the largest derivatives book in Europe, DB has ties to most major financial institutions in the region.

Which is why as soon as DB starts nose-diving, you know something big is up.

DB shares are down 16% since September 15th and nearly 20% from September 9th. Put another way, this bank has lost a FIFTH of its market cap in less than two weeks.

Bear in mind, Deutsche Bank is considerably larger than Lehman Brothers. It’s derivatives book is 20 times German GDP.

And the long-term chart is VERY disturbing.

We believe the global markets are on the verge of another Crisis.

2008 was Round 1. This next round, Round 2, will be even worse.

Best Regards

Graham Summers

Chief Market Strategist

Phoenix Capital Research