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Willem Middelkoop: The SDR Has Arrived and Silver Should Expect to See Shortages in the Market

The Daily  ( Original )
OCT 13, 2016

Rory of The Daily Coin sat down with author of The Big Reset and a great many other books, Willem Middelkoop

Silver has been money longer than gold, it is the people’s money or “poor mans gold”. At this stage in our monetary history it would be difficult for silver to return to playing a role in wide spread use as money, simply because of the bulky nature of silver. Silver is also a strategic asset, which was one the reasons we were given when silver was demonetized by the U.S. in 1964. The industrial uses for silver grow by the day and it is one of the most important “commodities” on the planet. It is used in such a wide variety of products that our world would be completely different without silver. Silver is rarely recycled and that trend will continue unless it recycling it becomes more lucrative.

Willem shares some information you may not be familiar with and he provides an insight that is hard to come by. The Daily Coin is very grateful for his time and willingness to share with you his analysis of our current state of madness.