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Record Levels of Silver Shorts “Hyper-Bullish” for Silver Price

Zero Hedge  ( Original )
MAR 26, 2018

An incredible constellation of positives for the silver price is forming before our eyes. The gold/silver ratio has topped the historically significant 80 level, JPMorgan holds the single largest single-institution physical silver position in history, and now we see speculative short positions hitting historic highs.

The opportunity in silver keeps getting more compelling by the day.

Friday’s commitment of traders (COT) report for gold and silver offered more of the same. Which is to say the gold futures action was boring and the silver action was strange and exciting.

Speculators are going aggressively net short silver, something very seldom seen, and commercials are almost in balance, which is also unusual.

Looked at in a vacuum, this is hyper-bullish. But of course the games futures traders play aren’t all that matters.

Between trade wars, massive ongoing government deficits and spiking stock market volatility, the reasons for owning safe haven assets like gold and silver are both multiplying and gaining urgency.

A year is coming (or maybe has arrived) when financial reporters doing their annual winners and losers articles will be shocked to find a list headed by precious metal miners, silver bullion and gold bullion.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Silver Speculators Have Never Been This Short by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge on 3/25/18