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Stocks Will Drop in Half, History Indicates

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
MAY 7, 2021

Money manager Eric Hickman is a number-cruncher who’s also a student of history.

And looking at the past 100 years of market data, he’s forced to conclude that the stock market is due for a whopper of a correction — one that could happen at any moment…

Over the past century, the market has had 8 “good” and “bad” cycles, all of them roughly equal in duration. The cycle we’re currently in is the rosiest “good” cycle on record – and it’s looking very long in tooth.

Hickman observes that each good cycle ends with the investing public going “all in” on stocks. It definitely appears we are at that stage now.

And he warns that the opposite is true of bad cycles. By their end, investors have sworn off ever owning stocks again.

Looking at what it would take to make today’s markets ‘fairly valued’ by historic norms, the S&P would need to drop in half. Which he warns is quite likely at this point… watch the full interview.

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