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The System Just Broke, Part 1: Financial Armageddon Chris Martenson & Mike Maloney

The GoldSilver Team 
MAR 22, 2020

Join Mike Maloney & Chris Martenson in this two-part discussion as they discuss the ‘financial armageddon’ taking place in markets, along with information on how they are investing and protecting themselves financially during this crisis. Part 1 premieres on the Peak Prosperity channel at 5pm EST: , followed a few minutes later by Part 2 on the GoldSilver channel at 5:30pm EST: Then, head back to Peak Prosperity channel at 6pm EST for the regular daily update. Thanks for watching, please share the links and hit the thumbs up.

The System Just Broke, Part 2: Too Late For Gold & Silver? - Mike Maloney & Chris Martenson