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34% of Millennials Think They Need $200K or Less to Retire Comfortably  ( Original )
JAN 25, 2018

ORIGINAL SOURCE: 84 Percent Of Millennials Have Under $50k Saved by Akhlaqahmed9941 at ValueWalk on 1/24/18

Millennials are often maligned for being sheltered, entitled, and out of touch with the starker realities of the world. That these traits would extend well into the financial arena, especially regarding something as distant and vague as their required level of future retirement savings, comes as no surprise:

The results, from a survey of 2,000 Millennials by home healthcare provider Aperion Care, reveal other interesting data:

  • 84% have under $50K saved for retirement
  • They think they will live to an average age of 81
  • Only 30% expect to be “rich”, a significantly lower rate than previous generations
  • Millennials agree the likelihood of a US gun ban is equal to that of artificial intelligence taking over the world

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