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Gross: Were Stuck in a 2 Percent GDP World No Matter What Stimulus

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FEB 3, 2017

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Bill Gross Says January Jobs Report Is 'Schizophrenic' by Tom Keene of on 2/3/2017

Gross say's wage growth is down even though jobs are up, calling it a 'Schizophrenic' report.

He remains skeptical and that productivity is the key to GDP growth. The Labor force growth is less than one percent so it's all productivity. Investment is what produces productivity and it hasn't been there and remains anemic and so productivity will remain anemic.

I think were stuck in a 2 percent GDP world no matter what the fiscal stimulation or deregulation.

Bill goes on to say Central Banks are still stuck on quantitative easing.  Doesn't see continued Dollar Strength