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GATA's Murphy Reveals Whats Currently Behind the Gold & Silver Markets

Reluctant Preppers  ( Original )
MAY 10, 2017

Dunagun Kaiser ofReluctant Preppers Interviews Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) Chairman Bill Murphy.

Murphy breaks down what is currently going on behind the scenes in this revealing must watch interview.  

"When silver takes out $21, should blow past $50 and get to $100, would be time to lighten up". "Gold would take out its old highs and pass $2,000 on it’s way"

Full topic list covered below video

With controversy swirling around conspiracy and rigging of gold & silver, where’s the hard evidence and real proof that the world biggest bullion banks and brokerage houses have been conspiring with full complicity of sovereign governments for decades to unnaturally suppress metals prices to manage public sentiment and prop us confidence in a hollow fiat banking & irrecoverably indebted political power system?

Bill Murphy, co-founder of the Gold Antitrust Action Committee,, a vigilante and crusader for transparency and fair markets in precious metals, returns to Reluctant Preppers to lay out the cold facts and self-incriminating documents, confessions, and industry criminals turned state’s evidence against co-conspirators, that paint a detailed picture of the government-banking complex dead set on distracting the world’s attention from the awful truth about US gold reserves, the real value of gold & silver vs. stocks, and more.. Murphy spells out the brutal answers to the questions viewers have been asking about WHERE’s the PROOF of rampant gold & silver manipulation!

Gold Price Suppression: Is it Real? Where’s the Proof?
* GATA sued the Fed and court awarded for documents not released
* Deutsche bank fined $100M in silver market manipulation, named other bullion banks, provided emails and other documents:
* Evidence of collusion in writing came out in the Deutsche Bank.
* Futures markets; selling into price rises
* What’s happening no: silver: open interest all-time high (usually only when prices up) but this time JPM jumped in at $18.50 and has gone straight down for 14 days in a row.
* JP Morgan did to stop price from going up above key psychological threshold.
* Billion banks fined billions for LIBOR rigging, current rates.
* Bloomberg (Claudia Carpenter) told GATA she’s not allowed to mention GATA on the air.
* World Gold Council (London) requested GATA to sign a form they were never there.
* Plan  A: 3AM New York Time: drop price
* Plan B: Sell on COMEX once physical market closed for the day.
* “Silver Signal” Andrew McGuire: traders hit the market a day ahead of the time, silver leads the way on the down-side, then gold collapses.
* Speculators go long, but get wiped out 17 times in a row
* If Gold have kept up with inflation  = $3,300/ oz, silver going to $100/oz for sure
* GATA explaining the manipulation & suppression
* Gold has been rigged for decades.
* Paul Volker: “Gold up is bad, gold down is good.”
* Robert Reuben: Gold price is the essence of a strong dollar policy.
* Market unnatural double-reversal on Trump win to manage market commentary

Who’s Amassing the Gold & the Power?
Why no audit of US gold reserves for decades?
China buying like crazy, Russia buying…
At some point, gold cartel will become unable to supply physical gold & silver to suppress the price
Paper “gold” trading at 100x - 200x or more time physical.
Re-hypothecation: rampant re-selling with multiple people laying claim to the same ounce of gold.
JP Morgan fined for charging multiple customers storage fees for the same ounces of silver.

Future Outlook for Gold & Silver
Price explosion will come out of nowhere:
When silver takes out $21, should blow past $50 and get to $100, would be time to lighten up.
Gold would take out its old highs and pass $2,000 on it’s way
Today’s derivatives enable massive suppression,
Jamie Diamond: $2T / day traded in Florida
Just like Madoff & Enron scandals, Gold & Silver rigging will be a the biggest financial scandal of the century.
Worst sentiment we’ve ever seen, the only market that’s not participating with all the other markets?
Metals investors are worn out. Last time metal made their run, the longs gave up & momentum players stepped in and made the money.
Need to understand how much tension is built into the unnaturally low prices that gold & silver are at.