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Gold Rallies on Falling Dollar and Increased Interest Rates  ( Original )
MAR 23, 2018

Gold that should be part of anyone's portfolio and again it is back doing what it's supposed to do during times of turmoil. Here's what Marketwatch had put together this a.m.

Gold futures surged Friday, as the threat of a looming trade war between the U.S. and China intensified, sending investors fleeing for the perceived safety of precious metal.

But here's the reality as Commerzbank noted;

That “looming trade dispute” is driving gold demand, said analysts at Commerzbank in a note to clients. “This is because it is causing stock markets world-wide to fall, bond yields to decline, and the U.S. dollar to weaken—all of those being factors that are positive for gold,” they said.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Gold rallies as investors seek shelter from global trade-tensions by Barbara Kollmeyer  of on 3/23/18