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Grant Williams - Central Bankers Are down for the Count

ChrisMartensondotcom  ( Original )
FEB 6, 2017

Chris Martenson Interviews one of the great market minds Grant Williams of Things That Make You Go Hmmm come to gether in this must listen video about how the Central Bankers probably don't have a way out and that they've been backing them selves further and further into the corner with negative monetary polices.

Grant Williams, publisher of the economic blog Things That Make You Go Hmmm and principal of Real Vision TV, returns to the podcast this week to discuss his expectation of a return of volatility to the markets.

Grant warns that over the past seven years, the various financial markets around the globe have melded into a single world market dominated by trading algorithms and the central banks. This new system only knows how to operate effectively in one direction: Up.

Grant is very concerned that a return of volatility will act as a wrench tossed into the gears, quickly throwing the world financial system into panic.