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Gundlach: Dollar Weakness to Continue, Gold to Outperform Stock Market

CNBC  ( Original )
FEB 2, 2018

It’s beginning to sink in that the recent weakness in the US dollar is likely a mere taste of what is yet to come. Alarming fundamentals, a rapidly deteriorating technical chart, and the Trump administration’s weak-dollar policy are setting the stage for a long-term decline.

There's good news ahead for commodities, with a particular bet on metals, as the outlook for the dollar looks to stay grim, according to experts.

DoubleLine Capital CEO Jeffrey Gundlach made a call for commodities on a webcast Tuesday, during which he predicted commodities would soon outperform stocks. This correlates with the weakness of the dollar, which in the last week hit its lowest levels in more than three years.

"Usually when you get a bad year in the dollar, it's followed by one or two more bad years," Gundlach said.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Expect to see commodities rise because the dollar will keep falling, analysts say by Natasha Turak at CNBC on 1/31/18