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How to Buy Tax-Advantaged Cryptocurrencies, The Easy Way

AUG 27, 2018

Investing in cryptocurrencies (the mechanics of converting cash to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and the like) was difficult to do for years. It’s been quite the evolution:

  • At first, you had to “mine” them or strike a deal over the internet and do a person-to-person transfer using bewildering early “wallet” software;
  • Later came complex trading exchanges, often based in far-flung jurisdictions from Japan to Estonia, which quite often found themselves hacked;
  • There were even, eventually, ATM-like machines in places like cryptocurrency conventions where you could pop in a credit card, then… go through a process hardly anyone could follow!

And via all of these half-baked methods, you often had to convert cash into other intermediary tokens/currencies before you could actually buy the crypto you wanted in the first place.

Then once you did buy them (often at great expense, getting hit with enormous fees and ‘spreads’ all along the way), there was the tax situation. Between ill-defined-to-nonexistent IRS laws and the rapidfire nature of crypto trading, it all added up to one unavoidable nightmare.

Thankfully, that’s all changing rapidly. We’ve seen the rise of startup apps that make the process much simpler. Still, none really addressed both the transactional complexity AND the massive tax issues for US residents. Now, even that is changing. 

Equity Trust, leaders in the self-directed IRA space with over $25 billion in assets under administration and our preferred partner for gold IRAs, now offers a simple, elegant, one-stop solution that solves both issues: The cryptocurrency IRA.

Cryptos are going mainstream; there’s no doubt at this point. 

And Equity Trust is among the first to provide U.S. residents a simple-to-use, tax-advantaged way to access to the most popular digital coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more.

GoldSilver’s founder, Mike Maloney, has publicly shared that he’s invested in both precious metals and cryptocurrencies for a number of years. We believe they each serve an important, albeit very different, role in diversifying a portfolio against the biggest risks in a portfolio today: systemic/political and currency exposure. 

Equity Trust’s cryptocurrency IRA allows you to buy cryptocurrencies just as you would stocks, bonds, or precious metals. No convoluted, four-transaction hassle. Clear pricing, an incredibly easy-to-use interface, and the knowledge you’re working through a U.S.-based, regulated firm with 40 years of history keeping your assets safe and secure.

Find out more about our trusted partner Equity Trust and their new cryptocurrency IRA investment options today.

Equity Trust is a valued partner of GoldSilver. GoldSilver or its Affiliates may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links in this posting.