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Investing In Farmland: Appreciation, Income & Inflation Protection

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
AUG 24, 2021

Farmland is one of the most attractive asset classes out there in today’s environment.

Supply of productive acreage is actually shrinking worldwide, pulling land prices higher over time. And demand for agricultural commodities is robust and growing, heavily insulating farm income from rising inflation.

And new technologies are bringing economies of scale that both reduce cost and waste while enabling more sustainable and eco-friendly food production practices to be adopted affordably.

So, what are the key factors and trends you need to know when investing in farmland? And can you do so without having to buy an actual farm and become a farmer yourself?

We invited farmland expert Edward Hargroves of Goldcrest Farm Trust to answer these very questions at the Wealthion conference held a few months ago.

Don’t worry if you missed the conference… as we’re making our interview with Ed’s available to you right here, right now...

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