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Is Cash Trash? Economic Analyst Lyn Alden Weighs In

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
JUL 9, 2021

With global central banks printing trillions of new currency these days, the voices claiming that “Cash Is trash” appear to have a valid point. 

Banks give us no return on cash savings. And inflation is swiftly eating away at its purchasing power. 

So what is the future outlook for the world’s major fiat currencies? 

And are there better stores of value we should consider using instead of paper cash? 

We invited economic analyst Lyn Alden to answer these very questions. 

She sees the US dollar continuing to lose its prominence against other global currencies as the world moves to de-dollarize. 

And she sees ALL fiat currencies devaluing against other assets, particularly tangible ones. 

To understand the implications of this erosion of fiat purchasing power, watch this excellent discussion.

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