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Ron Paul: Is The Economy Really That Great?

RonPaulLibertyReport  ( Original )
FEB 15, 2017

Is the economy really booming? Dr. Paul has some other ideas on what's going on. 

In @ the 2:42 minute mark, Join Dr. Paul with  Daniel McAdams as they discuss issues with the economy and that people may get overly excited about this market and jump in when in fact it is currently way over valued and moving higher on promises. A higher stock market does not address the underlying problem's like in the past

Paul goes on to say that there are better statistics coming from other sources like John Williams Shadow Government Statistics that reveal worse unemployment numbers  that are more like 23 percent. Ron Paul closes with his word's We will have another Crises and We Must Protect Our Liberty.

The stock market is soaring, jobs report gives a rosy outlook. Are we in for good times...or are the hard times just around the corner?