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Stocks To Melt-up, Then Crash 80% THIS YEAR

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
JUN 18, 2021

History shows that most bull markets end in a blow-off top, where prices shoot the moon before correcting hard.

Macro analyst David Hunter thinks we’re witnessing the end of the longest-lived bull market in history. Which is why he predicts a coming melt-up that will also be one for the record books.

BUT, he then predicts the blow-off will be followed by a massive market crash, with asset prices dropping potentially as much as 80% from their highs.

And to cap it all off, Hunter predicts that both the melt-up AND the correction will happen THIS year, in the remaining half of 2021.

So if his predictions turn out to be correct, we don’t have much time left to prepare…

To learn which asset classes David thinks are best positioned to ride out the coming boom/bust, watch Adam's interview with him now.

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