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What Happens When a Currency Dies (Bonus Feature: Hidden Secrets of Money, Episode 7)

In the 1920s, the warning signs of a coming economic disaster were everywhere. And just like today, no one was prepared when it all unraveled. In this bonus feature of Hidden Secrets of Money episode 7, Mike elaborates further on what the “invisible crash” means to you. You’ll learn that central bankers are delusional about how much they can control the velocity of currency. And how they are setting us all up for financial collapse of epic proportions.

The USA’s Day Of Reckoning (Hidden Secrets Of Money, Episode 7)

In episode 7 of Hidden Secrets of Money, Mike Maloney glimpses into the near future to show you how fast the U.S. dollar and economy could collapse. You’ll learn about the velocity of currency, a concept economists try to complicate but is actually quite simple when you realize it has more to do with psychology than numbers. You’ll also see all the potential moves the Federal Reserve will attempt to prevent disaster and how they will all fail.


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