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The GDPNow model forecast for Q1 real GDP... to be 1.8%  ( Original )
MAR 2, 2017

ORIGINAL SOURCE: ATLANTA FED FORECASTS Q1 GDP TO BE … 1.8% by Anthony B. Sanders of on 3/2/2017

Well respected global economist Richard Duncan in his recent article titled "The Factors Driving And Constraining US Economic Growth" we find that For any economy to grow, one or more of the following things must occur: 1) The Workforce must grow, 2) Wages must increase, 3) Credit must expand and/or 4) Wealth must grow. Well at this point all the above is just not happening yet.

The current The GDPNow model forecast is painting painting a not so rosy picture going forward. Read the rest here: ATLANTA FED FORECASTS Q1 GDP TO BE … 1.8%