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The Great Rotation: Capital To Dump High-Flying Stocks For Hard Assets

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
NOV 19, 2021

Inflation is becoming a real problem.

The latest data shows the CPI, consumer price inflation rate, at 6.2%. That's higher than anything we've seen in decades and it is looking less and less "transitory" like our leaders initially promised us it would be.

So we now have inflation spiking at the same time that financial asset prices and the stock market are at all-time-highs.

What will happen next?

In this video, we hear from Kevin Smith and Tavi Costa, the Chief Investment Officer and the Portfolio Manager of Crescat Capital, a global macro asset management firm highly respected for the market analysis & excellent data chart it publishes regularly.

They believe the financial markets are about to undergo a "Great Rotation", where capital will flow out of today's popular sectors and into a host of new ones -- commodities and hard assets like gold, silver, agriculture, oil & gas, and base metals -- creating painful losses for certain investors and massive gains for others.

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