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War On Inflation! New Fed Policy To Upend Everything Investors Know Predicts Saxo Bank CIO

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
DEC 16, 2021

The Federal Reserve is finally declaring war on inflation.

On Wednesday Dec 15, Fed Chair Jerome Powell announced that -- the fight the inflation it has played a central role in creating -- the Federal Reserve will accelerate its tapering program and likely hike interest rates 3x in 2022.

That's a 180-degree reversal of the Fed’s rampant bubble-blowing policies to date.

While markets are reacting favorably so far, can they continue to do so?

The key drivers of asset prices over the past decade - $trillions in stimulus, buybacks funded by dirt-cheap debt & low inflation -- are all coming to an end.

Which is why Steen Jakobsen, manager of $billions in client assets at Saxo Bank, predicts 2022 will be a much more volatile year than investors are used to.

And we should listen to him, as one year ago on this program he boldly predicted we'd see a surge in both inflation and commodity prices in 2021 -- and boy, was he ever right.

In this new interview, Steen shares his macro outlook and top predictions for 2022 (spoiler alert: he expects inflation to run even hotter next year...)

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