How to Buy Gold Online

How to Buy Gold Online

How to Buy Gold Online


This guide is for any potential gold investor looking to either protect their wealth or maximize gains through the purchase of investment-grade gold. 


Today there are thousands of gold products and gold dealers around the world.  Gold product options and potential gold investment pitfalls are virtually limitless.  


By following a few simple guidelines, you can help ensure making safe and secure gold investment decisions.  



Stick to Stacking Gold Bullion Products


Gold bullion coins, gold bullion bars, and gold bullion rounds attain their value through their precious gold composition.  By buying highly regarded gold bullion hallmarks and brands, gold investors gain access to a much more transparent market and cost effective gold investment.


Government minted gold bullion coins, particularly American Gold Eagles, are the most acclaimed and liquid products amongst gold investors.  


Gold bullion bars and bullion rounds struck from widely recognized private mints like Credit Suisse, also represent a sizable portion of the gold bullion market, offer low premiums relative to the Gold Spot Price.  



Inferior Alternatives: Gold Numismatics, Gold Semi-Numismatics, Gold Collector Coins


Gold numismatics collector coin markets lack sufficient transparency, liquidity, and have often left gold investors with large losses in spite of a rising gold price.  You will want to avoid "rare" or "collector" gold products.  


Many gold numismatic and gold semi-numismatic coins are heavily marketed through old media outlets (TV, radio, magazine, and newspaper ads, etc. ).  Often times, gold collector coin sellers are Large Gold Dealers with call centers of salesmen utilizing fear tactics and hypothetical gold confiscation scenarios to make large profit margins off unsuspecting gold investors.  Terms such as confiscation, rarity, and collector value should wave red flags to potential customers.  



If you have a specific gold bullion product in mind, do not let a salesman change your intent and potentially up-sell you into an item not benefiting your gold investment objectives.



Avoid at All Costs:  Paper Markets


Ownership of paper gold through vehicles such as a Gold ETFGold PoolGold Certificate, or Gold Leverage Account may be even riskier than not owning any gold at all!


Few funds actually hold sufficient gold to physically deliver and many are directly tied to the collapsing financial system.  Most paper gold instruments are merely time bombs redeemable in paper and provide little to no insulation against a monetary crisis or a major economic event.  



Physical Delivery and Gold Vault Storage Options  


Reputable, large volume dealers should offer both domestic and international shipping options.  When you buy gold online, be sure you are given an estimated date of shipment within a reasonable time frame.  You will want to ensure the products are fully insured and that you are not held liable until your gold products have been safely delivered either to your door ( your signature required ) or to the vault storage facility of your choosing.


If you choose a Gold Vault Storage option, make certain the gold bullion is held by a third party in a segregated account with a proof of insurance.  You should also receive a Storage Certificate document accounting for your gold holdings.  



Payment Options


Most gold dealers will provide you with multiple methods of payment.  Ensure you are able to lock in pricing the moment you place your order. 


Full credit card payment will be subject to a processing fee, however it will typically secure your pricing.  Most gold dealers also provide a bank wire option, giving you the ability to lock your pricing in with a minimal initial credit card payment ( generally 5 - 15 % of your total order ).  


Checks and money orders are often accepted but typically delay the purchase process or escalate the cost of the transaction.  


Cash is out of question for most dealers due to paperwork and customer privacy being compromised. Any purchase transaction exceeding a cash purchase of $ 10K or more would trigger a reporting requirement on the side of the dealer.






Finding a Credible Gold Dealer


Scams and frauds are not uncommon in the gold and silver industry, thus be sure to always perform proper due diligence to find a reputable gold dealer.  DO NOT simply seek a gold dealer based on a cheap advertised gold price.




Differentiators Between Online Gold Dealers

When it comes to buying gold online, you need to think ahead in the future of how you may ultimately sell your gold at a profit and and What Your Exit Strategy Might Look Like.  

Assure yourself the online dealer you are purchasing from has a fixed buy-back policy for products purchased.  This will ensure they offer you a fair price for your gold bullion when you sell it back to them in the future.

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