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Date Gold AM FIX Gold PM FIX Silver PM FIX
October 11 $1,498.35 $1,479.15 $17.60
October 10 $1,508.20 $1,494.80 $17.75
October 09 $1,503.40 $1,507.25 $17.78
October 08 $1,500.00 $1,505.85 $17.56
October 07 $1,502.15 $1,501.25 $17.42
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There are several concepts that the gold investor must learn to embrace in order to be successful with his or her investment efforts. The first is that economic markets are cyclical. The second is that gold will always be able to self-regulate its value against the fiat currencies in the marketplace. The third is that governments will, whenever possible, create economic policy that transfers wealth away from the individual and to the government.

Investing in gold can protect your wealth against reactionary economic policies often designed for short-term political gain. Gold price charts allow you to see up to date prices for gold in order to make decisions about buying and selling to maximize your wealth. The gold price charts published on™ are updated hourly, allowing you to literally keep a finger on the pulse of gold prices around the world and make decisions based on the most current information available.

By having access to gold spot prices, you are able to lock in the price regardless of future fluctuations in the market. Locking in the price of your gold investment is simple to do and only required a 5 - 15% down payment, which you can make with ease using a major credit card.™ prioritizes making the most relevant and current information available to you in order to ensure your ability to aggressively and proactively manage your wealth.

By paying attention to the price of gold and actively managing your gold investments, there is enormous opportunity for the savvy investor to increase wealth. By studying the historical price of gold available at™, it is easy to realize that the only sure way to protect your wealth from inflation, deflation, and poor economic policy while hedging against the uncertainty of your financial future is through investing in gold.