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Overview of the Company

GoldSilver provides bullion investors with unparalleled education and world-class gold and silver dealer services.

It was founded by Mike Maloney, a renowned precious metals advisor, bestselling author, and one of the industry’s most sought-after speakers.

Mike's book, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, is the number-one selling precious metals investment book of all time.

And his extremely popular video series, Hidden Secrets of Money has opened the eyes of millions to the true history of money and the powerful cycles that are moving the markets today.

Since 2005, Mike has also been precious metals advisor to international finance guru Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad).

No other dealer puts as much of their profits into research and education as GoldSilver.

Vision, Purpose, Mission

Our Mission - GoldSilver.com™
  1. To transform economic storms into opportunity and prosperity for all who will listen.
  2. Our customers expect us to:
  1. Look out for their best interests
  2. Inform them on the economy and the markets
  3. Do our best to deliver on time
  4. Keep their precious metals safe
  5. Keep their personal and financial information confidential
  6. Be available to them
  7. Help solve any problems related to their transactions
  8. Never betray their trust

Our customers expect our ethics to be beyond reproach.

GoldSilver Insider Program

The GoldSilver Insider Program provides qualifying members with exclusive ongoing market updates including the future release of the GoldSilver Exit Strategy, a future report / report(s) detailing our gold and silver investment liquidation(s) and timing.

GoldSilver Insider Benefits include:

  • Exclusive Insiders Reports
  • Our Future GoldSilver Exit Strategy