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GoldSilver Insider Program


At GoldSilver, we believe that a well-educated investor is our best customer. It’s our goal to help inform the world about the important role precious metals serve as a hedge against volatility in other markets, from stocks to currencies.

We try to do that in two ways. First, we try to make this unique asset class accessible to all with excellent service and guaranteed low prices.

Second, we educate. Our team of analysts and commentators, led by founder Mike Maloney, produces a wide variety of free resources: from the widely acclaimed Hidden Secrets of Money video series, which has reintroduced real money to over 100 million viewers and counting; to regular gold and silver market news updates and analyses for those looking to capitalize on shorter-term trends.

However, we couldn’t possibly provide all of those features without support from our best customers. Which is why we’ve created our GoldSilver Insider Program, to reward those who continue to support our mission and help us bring precious metals to every portfolio. As an Insider, you get access to:

Basic Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive content from our team of analysts and industry contacts, not available to the general public. Insider-exclusive content is posted whenever the market demands it, with private video updates, technical analysis briefings, and more.

    This includes regular updates on Mike Maloney’s own personal portfolio: when he’s buying, when he’s selling, and why. When Mike’s buying or selling one asset or another, you’ll get his personal entry and exit strategy.

  • Special deals and offers, just for Insiders. Get early access to the newest and most innovative bullion products. Receive notice of overstock deals and limited-time offers available only to Insiders.

Becoming an Insider

Membership in the Insiders Program is reserved for our best customers. But becoming one is simple: just purchase 500 ounces of silver or 10 ounces of gold over your lifetime as a GoldSilver customer.

Once you reach that threshold, you’re an Insider automatically and gain access to all program benefits immediately.