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How To Become An Insider

  • Option 1: Accumulate 500 oz Silver
  • Option 2: Accumulate 10 oz Gold

"This gold and silver bull market has a long way to go, but it won't last forever.  How will you know when to sell?  Is it at  5,000 - 10,000 - $ 20,000?  We are going to be letting our qualifying Insiders know what we are doing when it comes time to exit this asset class and move in to the next one.  We believe that this could help you multiply your gains by getting out when the time is right."

- Mike Maloney

Frequently Asked Questions about the Insider Program

How long will I be part of the GoldSilver Insider Program?
You will remain an GoldSilver Insider until we execute our final Exit Strategy communication. So if it takes 2, 3, 5 years or longer... all Insiders will receive our final Exit Strategy communication. Please make sure to maintain an up to date email address.
Will the GoldSilver Insider Program benefit international customers?
The GoldSilver Insider Program and Exit Strategy benefits both international and domestic customers. All world stock markets have been tracking each other since the year 2000 and all today's currencies are pegged to the world's reserve currency, the US dollar. What happens to the US dollar, other fiat currencies, and the US economy will have ramifications worldwide.
What is included in the GoldSilver Insider Program?
The GoldSilver Insider Program provides qualifying Insider Program Members with exclusive access to Mike Maloney and the GoldSilver team providing ongoing market updates, charts, educational information and insight to the current precious metal strategies being executed by GoldSilver for its own account. In other words, you get insights direct from Mike Maloney along with the market strategies being implemented and applied by™.
How will I receive the Exit Strategy?
The Exit Strategy will be emailed to you. Please make sure to maintain an up to date email address.
How often do you release GoldSilver Insider content?
We release Insider content, information that we deem important and prevalent, on a sporadic and intermittent basis. As we get closer to the end game of this gold and silver cycle, more GoldSilver Insider content and updates will be released, ultimately culminating in our future Exit Strategy communication(s).
How do I become an Insider?
Customers can become GoldSilver Insiders by either accruing 500+ ounces of silver in total or accruing 10+ ounces of gold in total

What does Mike buy? (08:09)

Mike Maloney speaks candidly about his purchasing decisions.

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