The Benefits of a Segregated Gold Vault Account - Silver Vault Account

The Benefits of a Segregated Gold Vault Account - Silver Vault Account

Why choose Segregated Vault Storage?  

In the following article we will expand upon the segregated gold vault and silver vault options we offer:

- What is it?

- Safety

- Insurance

- Cost Effective

- Fiat Currency Denominated Storage Fees

- Direct Ownership

- ETF Traders vs. Vault Investors

- Ease of Liquidity

- International Delivery Options 


What is Segregated Vault Storage? 

Segregate – (v) to separate or set apart from others of the general mass, to isolate or divide. 

Segregated Vault Storage – (n) type of vault account where one’s holdings are separate, excluded, and apart from others. 

In a segregated vault storage account the metal purchased or held within the account is separated from all other client and dealer account holdings.   

Legal title is not transferred, and the vault or precious metals program has no ability to change or use the holdings unless specifically stated in the storage agreement.  

Clients are assured they can always take delivery and/or audit their metals without any risk of encountering foreign bars and/or coins. 

Fully segregated vault storage is convenient for physical silver and gold investors who want the ability to hedge against systematic, geopolitical, and economic risks while maintaining the ability to securely liquidate and/or take delivery of their holdings in the future.  



Segregated vault storage with a private, fully insured third-party custodian is regarded within the precious metals industry as the safest option for gold and silver bullion storage.   

With segregated vaulting, the client’s precious metals are held separately, never comingled with other investor holdings.  The original metals a client purchases are the exact same metals sold upon an account’s liquidation or when the client takes physical delivery. 

While we strongly believe in having some physical silver and gold close at hand in case of a currency collapse or financial crisis, there are limits to how much bullion an investor may deem safe to store under his or her own roof. 

As this 21st century gold and silver bull market plays out, we believe home robberies of bullion will become more pervasive as the prices for gold and silver increase.  Take for example this report from early 2011:



All segregated vault storage options offered at have third-party insurance plans of $50 million or more.  Please see the respective vault storage facility’s Proof of Insurance link for further details:   


Please also take note that the Safe Deposit Boxes provided by commercial banks are not FDIC insured or protected from losses as bank deposits are.   

Storing silver and gold bullion in a bank Safe Deposit Box is not a safe, insured alternative for investors.  


Cost Effective 

Most investors are unaware of just how cheaply they can store gold and or silver bullion in private, segregated vault storage accounts.   

Take for instance the expensive management fees of some of the most popular exchange traded funds (commonly referred to as ETFs) versus the price of storing physical gold and silver bullion in fully insured, segregated vaults where investors can directly and outright own said safe-haven assets:


Example: $ 500,000 or 250 oz. of Gold Bullion with a $ 2000.00 Gold Spot Price.

Gold ETF Vehicle

Minimum Annual Fee

Minimum Annual Cost



$ 2000.00



$ 1250.00



$ 1950.00



$ 1950.00



$ 1750.00


Vault Storage

Annual Fee

Annual Cost

Salt Lake City

$1.44 oz.

$ 360.00

Hong Kong

$1.44 oz.

$ 360.00


Example: $ 500,000 or 10,000 oz. Silver Bullion with a $ 50.00 Silver Spot Price.

Silver ETF Vehicle

Minimum Annual Fee

Minimum Annual Cost



$ 2500.00



$ 2250.00



$ 2250.00



$ 3000.00



$ 3250.00


Vault Storage

Annual Fee

Annual Cost

Via Mat Miami


$ 1250.00


Fiat Currency-Denominated Storage Fees  

Unlike many allocated and or digital gold vault storage competitors, the segregated vault storage services offers are all transparently charged in fiat paper currencies.   

Many competing allocated and or digital vaults use complicated fractional gold ounce or silver gram schemes to slowly siphon away investors’ safe haven assets.  We object to this method, as we believe an investor’s gold and silver money should remain untouched, ounce for ounce, and vault storage fees should be calculated and billed in depreciating fiat paper currency notes such as dollars, euros, pounds, etc. offers two transparent paper currency priced models, one based on a per ounce price, the other based on a percentage of overall account’s fiat currency value.   

As the paper currency prices of silver and gold further increase, the vault storage pricing models offers should certainly help to keep investor’s vault storage fees competitive and cost efficient.  


Direct Ownership 

Gold and silver bullion are rare assets which investors can own outright with extremely limited counterparty risks.  Since physical bullion can never become worthless, outstanding investor risks are theft, seizure, and or trustee fraud. 

We believe serious investors in gold and silver should always retain a portion of their holdings close at hand, in a safe but easily accessible location.  The larger an investment one makes in precious metals, the more important physical diversification of one’s storage holdings becomes.   

The golden rule of precious metals vaulting is to make certain invested bullion is owned outright and unencumbered.  Stored precious metals should never be held on any company’s books. offers two options of segregated vault storage accounts:  (1) ownership by sub-account under a master / sub-account agreement or (2) direct autonomy under a customer-to-vault storage facility agreement.   

Accounts are titled in the investor or entity’s name, assuring direct ownership of holdings.  Secure, efficient physical delivery and/or account liquidation a few mouse clicks away.    


ETF Traders vs. Vault Investors

A gold ETF and or silver exchange traded fund (ETFs) does not offer investors the benefits or protections of physical silver and gold bullion ownership.  ETFs offer very little protection for investors seeking financial safety. 

Most gold and silver ETFs do not allow redemptions or physical delivery of gold and or silver holdings.  The ETF prospectuses that do allow physical redemptions or fund share for physical bullion swaps typically have minimum volume requirements that are next to impossible to meet for most mainstream investors.

With segregated vault storage holdings, the average gold or silver investor can take physical delivery of their gold or silver holdings either domestically or internationally in the more than 50 countries to which currently delivers.

ETFs do not offer returns over the future spot price of gold and or silver; instead, they attempt to track the paper spot price and can potentially fail to track price altogether. In contrast, physical owners of silver and gold bullion can reap large sellback premiums in the event of current and future physical investment-grade silver and gold supply shortages.

One of the main benefits of physical gold and silver ownership is the opportunity to hold safe haven tangible assets outside of the financial institutions while enjoying minimal counter-party risks. Silver and gold ETFs are subject to bank trustees, brokerage accounts, banking laws, and financial market regulations. In contrast, we offer customers the advantage of undisclosed, private and segregated vault storage accounts.  Vault storage accounts also remain open even on bank holidays or in the event of financial failures.

Silver and gold bullion provides 24-hour liquidity, while silver or gold ETFs can only be exchanged during market trading hours. 

ETFs may be a workable option for day-traders, but for gold and silver investors seeking safe haven asset protection, we will continue to provide secure, private vault storage options around the globe.  

As physical silver and gold bullion investors ourselves, we feel there is no comparison in terms of risks, annual costs, upside potential, and liquidity.   


Ease of Liquidity   

With precious metals held in a third-party vault, liquidation is a simple phone call and or click away.  Investors can avoid the risk and inconvenience of moving heavy, expensive boxes in public. The process of receiving funds from sub-account liquidations is quick and easy, as the metal’s title ownership and vault location is shifted quickly. 

At sub-account liquidation is an automated process.  Simply log into your account, click on the Sellback tab and follow the simple directions. There are no shipping fees involved with sub-account liquidations, as the metals are simply moved from the investor’s segregated vault storage section to the segregated inventory of

Liquidations from the private vault storage accounts we offer our customers are automated as well.   

Simply log into your account, click on the Sellback tab and follow the simple directions. Upon liquidation, the private vault storage facility will receive automated instructions of where to ship the liquidated precious metals.  Investors with private vault storage accounts will be responsible for all shipping and handling costs incurred from their respective private vault storage facilities.   


International Delivery Options can currently ship to over 50 countries worldwide, making it easy and efficient for investors to take physical delivery of their vault storage holdings from many parts of the globe. Our accessible, simple and secure vault storing options help empower investors to maintain easy physical, locational, and geopolitical diversification of their bullion holdings.  


In Summary 

Here at, we have dedicated our vault storing service options around our client’s best interest.  We invest in gold and silver and hold segregated vault storage accounts in the very same facilities that we in turn offer our customers.   

We want to empower gold and silver investors to make vault storage choices best suited for their objectives and investment needs.   

Please do not hesitate to contact our staff if you have questions or would like to begin storing your precious metals safely and securely.

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