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A Stock Market Crash Of 65-80% This Year?

Adam Taggart, 
JAN 8, 2021

Analyst David Hunter predicts the current melt-up will soon end violently.

All major stock indices are trading at record highs. And valuations have never been more stretched.

Market Cap to GDP (the famed “Buffet Indicator”) has never been higher. Nor has the market’s price-to-sales ratio.

A year ago, macro strategist David Hunter predicted a massive melt-up in financial assets, to be followed by an equally tremendous market crash.

Our friend Adam Taggart of Peak Prosperity recently sat down with David for an update on his prediction. Tune in to hear when a painful correction could hit the markets and how big it could be.

We hope you enjoy this discussion and if you find yourself agreeing with the experts – that this is one of the most challenging times to invest in a generation…

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