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Desperate Central Bankers Trying to Reflate the Global Debt Bubble

WallStForMainSt  ( Original )
APR 10, 2017

Join Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St in this interview with Dr. Marc Faber of Gloom Boom & Doom Report

During this 25+ minute interview, Jason asks Marc if he thinks the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates 2-3 times more in 2017? Marc thinks the Fed will only raise rates once more in 2017 before the next global financial crisis. He thinks the Federal Reserve will reverse course, start lowering interest rates again and do a large QE program.

Marc thinks global central bankers are routinely coordinating monetary and interest rate policy as well as exchange rates with each other to prevent a "colossal debt bubble" from bursting.

Jason and Marc also discuss whether the Fed can hurt Trump's spending programs. Marc thinks Trump will need the Fed's help to fund his spending programs.

Jason and Marc also discuss current stock market valuations compared to past stock market crashes, whether China will need to devalue the RMB another 20-30% like Kyle Bass predicts, whether bonds are now in a bear market, how people should be diversified, and how President Trump will pay for all of his spending programs.