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Doug Noland: The "Granddaddy of All Bubbles"

ChrisMartensondotcom  ( Original )
DEC 11, 2017

Please join Chris Martenson and Doug Nolan as they discuss current market conditions. Noland, a 30-year market analyst, and specialist in credit cycles, currently works at McAlvany Wealth Management and is well known for his prior 16-year stint helping manage the Prudent Bear Fund.

Noland foresees tremendous losses as inevitable, as the central banks lose control of the monstrosity they have created. Financial assets will become toxic to hold

He certainly shares our views that prices in nearly every financial asset class have become remarkably distorted due to central bank intervention, first with Greenspan's actions to backstop the markets in the late-1980's, and more recently (and more egregiously) with the combined central banking cartel's massive and sustained liquidity injections in the years following the Great Financial Crisis.

All of which has blown the biggest inter-connected set of asset price bubbles the world has ever seen.