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Fred Hickey: There's Now a Technology Bubble Far Larger Than the 1999-2000 One

JUN 25, 2018

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed first time guest, technology expert, technology investor and editor at The High-Tech Strategist newsletter since 1987, Fred Hickey.

During this hour plus long interview, Jason first asks Fred about the technology industry including the FAANG stocks and tech stock valuations. Questions include: 

1) What's your opinion on valuations for technology companies? 

2) Are the FAANGS distorting a lot of the major stock market indexes? 

3) Are there any particular technology industries that you think there's bargains or reasonably priced growth? 

4) Do you think with the NASDAQ and Russell 2000 at all time highs now that this means there's another technology bubble similar to the one you shorted in the late 1990s-early 2000s? 

5) What's you views on the 3d printing and cyber security industries? The second part of the interview, Jason asks Fred about the global economy (global macro) situation in his views and why he likes gold and gold stocks? Questions include: 

1) If the Fed is serious about ramping up QT in October to $50 billion per month with 2 additional rate hikes in 2018, do you think that this means a stronger US Dollar? How do you think this will affect stocks and gold? 

2) The ECB and BOJ are claiming that they will taper, raise interest rates and stop QE in the near future. Do you think they will seriously do it or is this more jawboning where they know they cna't stop QE? 

3) I know you spend a lot of time researching gold mining stocks. Overall, do you think the industry has done a good job of cutting costs, improving their balance sheets and focusing on improving margins the last few years? 

4) Can many of the primary gold miners survive a larger correction in the gold price in US Dollars or do you think that the gold price will start moving up more soon? 

5) Are there any gold miners who you think that management is doing a particularly excellent job? 6) Do you think that gold miners have some of the best valuations of any industry or are there other industries where you see better valuations with better growth prospects?