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This Time Gold Is Outperforming Stocks in 2017  ( Original )
JAN 24, 2017

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Gold is Crushing Stocks in 2017… And No One’s Paying Attention by Graham Summers of Phoenix Capital Research on 1/24/2017

Is the market waking up to fundamentals? 

If you hadn't notice the change in course with the markets, and in these two simple charts the trend is clear.  

Graham Summers show's us that: Gold has bottomed and is now aggressively outperforming stocks.

This statement is probably shocking to you. The financial media is hyping stocks non-stop with the idea that we’re soon going to be rushing to new all time highs.

However, the fact remains that Gold is CRUSHING stocks since 2017 began.


Why is this?

The market “smells” inflation. Indeed, inflation expectations have broken out of a multiyear downtrend.


This trend will only be strenghtening.

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Graham Summers

Chief Market Strategist

Phoenix Capital Research