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GOLD Is the Ultimate Portfolio Diversifier Especially In STAGFLATION

The Team 
JUL 22, 2022

The World Bank recently warned that, “the danger of stagflation is considerable today…”

But unfortunately, most people have no idea it’s coming… and wouldn’t even know what to do even if they did…

In this week’s video, best-selling author, Mike Maloney of, invites Ronnie Stoeferle to discuss the number one move you can take today to protect yourself from stagflation.

Ronnie is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and a Certified Financial Technician (CFT), who works as Managing Partner for Incrementum AG. His firm is one of the industry leaders in gold, silver, and precious metals research.

And during their conversation Ronnie reveals some incredible insight into how gold is helping stabilize investor’s portfolios while most other asset classes are down considerably…

In fact, Ronnie shows Mike that gold is outperforming nearly every other major currency, as well as other domestic stock markets around the globe..

While many “safe” blue-chip stocks are down 50% (or more) today, gold is holding steady and even beginning to go on bull runs in places like Germany, Japan, and China.

Mike says for those nearing retirement, it’s more critical than ever to preserve your wealth and add real assets like gold to your portfolio…

“All of these baby boomers that have IRAs. They’ve watched 25% of their IRAs vanish and they need to retire now, next year, five years from now and they’re watching their retirement savings shrink and shrink and shrink… and they are worried. Now really is the time to be invested in gold and silver…” – Mike Maloney

For years, Mike has been advocating for more investors to add precious metals like gold and silver to a balanced investment portfolio.

Because history shows, time and time again, that these are the assets people turn to during times of crisis.

If you already own gold – or are thinking about purchasing some for the first time – this is a video you don’t want to miss.

About Mike Maloney

Mike Maloney is host of the smash hit video series, Hidden Secrets of Money; former Rich Dad/Poor Dad advisor; author of the best-selling precious metals book, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, and founder of – a global leader in precious metals investments. For more than a decade, Mike’s traveled the world sharing his economic insights with audiences from Hong Kong to Rome and from Silicon Valley to Wall Street. Get a free copy of his book:

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