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Here's a Look at Frank Holmes 5 Best Gold Posts of 2017  ( Original )
JAN 5, 2018

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Best of the Year: Top 5 Frank Talk Posts of 2017 by Frank Holmes of on 1/2/18

Here's the list and the links to Franks Holmes best of the best gold posts from 2017. it’s worth noting that the gold posts garnered more interest than our bitcoin and blockchain posts in this year of cryptocurrency craze.

You can view them all in one shot here; Best of the Year: Top 5 Frank Talk Posts of 2017 or individually below;

1. 5 Things You Need to Know from last Week (Look What Gold Just Did!)

2. “Mother of All Bubbles” Keeps Gold in Focus

3. Gold Gets a Shot in the Arm from Inflation and China

4. Gold Was Chemically Destined to Be Money All Along

5. The World is Running out of Gold Mines—here’s How Investors Can Play It