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How We Lost Economics - Jeff Deist, Mises

misesmedia  ( Original )
OCT 6, 2016

Jeff Deist: President of the Mises Institute expailns to us that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both propose economic "plans," but neither understands the gravity of our situation.

Minimum wage increases, higher taxes on the rich, or new import tariffs won't solve deep structural problems with the American economy: spending, debt, entitlements, and unchecked monetary expansion. Yet while the candidates posture, millions of Americans are now stuck in a new normal of decreasing wealth and decreasing opportunities.

What can be done to radically change the course of the US economy? What will it take to make DC stop spending and the Fed stop manipulating? Can the house of cards be rebuilt on a new foundation? And can Austrian economics provide real answers to our fiscal and monetary problems? Join us in Boston for the most engaging and provocative perspectives on the untold story of this election: The real state of the US economy.