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Is The Fed Losing Control?

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
JUL 16, 2021

Suddenly, higher prices are everywhere: in food, fuel, housing -- you name it. 

In fact, the annual Consumer Price Inflation rate (CPI) just spiked to 5.4%, a high not seen since 2008. 

A growing number of economic observers see these higher prices as the predictable result of the many trillions of new dollars in monetary and fiscal stimulus that world central banks & governments have been issuing in response to last year’s COVID outbreak. 

We now seem to be at an awkward point where this ongoing stimulus is no longer boosting economic growth much. 

But it IS still driving prices higher -- rising the cost of living and exacerbating the wealth gap between the very rich and everyone else. 

Are the central planners losing their control of the system? 

Fed-watcher and currency expert Axel Merk weighs in on the current situation, the outcome of which will impact our future more than most realize.

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