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Match Made in Heaven: Private Storage + One-Click Selling

Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst, GoldSilver 
NOV 17, 2017

It’s been a dilemma for bullion investors ever since gold was first used as money thousands of years ago.

On one hand, every investor instinctively knows that gold is highly valuable and therefore must be stored as safe and secure as possible. While keeping some in the house gives you immediate access, storing it all in a cookie jar or under a mattress or in a safe that thieves could force you to open isn’t the most ideal storage plan, especially when you add in the risks of fire or natural disaster.

On the other hand, using a bank or depository requires you to physically retrieve your bullion and then locate a dealer to sell it. This isn’t ideal, either, since it can be time consuming, is subject to the hours of the facility, and isn’t secure since it forces you to walk and drive around with a highly valuable asset.

Is there a way to effectively solve both of these problems?


GoldSilver’s Online Allocated Storage Program

Think about it… gold and silver are your financial backstop, your plan to capitalize on the upcoming wealth transfer. Imagine as the next crisis worsens, your net worth soars.

But this strategy could be compromised—or in a worst case scenario, eliminated—if you don’t keep your bullion secure AND have the ability to access it or sell it on short notice. You need both benefits in place to be fully prepared.

The online storage program now offered by GoldSilver gives you both of those features. It offers both high level security and 24/7 access to sell or take delivery.

Check out the features of this state-of-the-art storage program and see how it provides the ultimate in both security and ease of liquidating…

ULTIMATE SECURITY. You simply cannot store your metals in a safer and more secure environment. GoldSilver uses only independent, non-bank, class 3 vault facilities (the highest rating in the industry), with armed guards and 24/7 surveillance. Compare that level of security to a home safe or cookie jar.

FULLY ALLOCATED. The gold and silver you buy is shipped directly to storage, and held in full in your account’s name and title (individually, joint, trust, or LLC). No pool accounts, no shared ownership, no fractional claims on large bars—just what you bought, in your title, all the time. 

FULLY INSURED AND INDEPENDENTLY AUDITED. Your gold and silver is insured for full replacement value (up to $50 million per account). It is audited by a top accounting firm and verified regularly. You receive custody certificates documenting your holdings, and of course can log on to view your account 24/7. No storage location in the world is 100% secure from threats like natural disasters, but professional storage is 100% insured.

Best of all, our professional storage is far cheaper than insuring home-stored bullion. Not to mention the added privacy and personal safety. 

ANYTIME DELIVERY. Want delivery of some or all of your metal? Just click or call. Metals will be shipped to your address of record, or you can have them delivered to another address almost anywhere in the world (subject to security verification to protect your assets).

You can even transfer some or all of your holdings between vaults—just pay shipping.

EASY SELLING. You can sell back your holdings from storage at any time. This makes your exit plan easy, simple, and quick—no messing with packing up your coins or bars, and no traveling to a dealer’s shop (and worrying if anyone is watching you enter or exit). This convenience makes your metal more liquid than storing at home or in a bank.

OUTSIDE THE BANKING SYSTEM: Your bullion is stored in a professional, private vault, outside of the banking system. Safe deposit boxes can be easily seized, are subject to bank closures, come with no insurance and dubious privacy, and aren’t generally big enough to store silver. 

Remember, one reason we own physical bullion is to protect against the banking system. You can scratch that risk off your list by using our allocated storage.

EASY TO OPEN, EASY TO BUY. Just pick your products, select your vault location, and buy online or over the phone. We’ll create an account for you automatically. Once your payment clears, your metal is shipped directly to the vault. No paper forms to complete, no ID or passports to mail, and no waiting at home to sign for a shipment. It’s as easy and straightforward as shopping for delivery, easier even.

INTERNATIONAL OPTIONS. Diversify internationally with the same great service and convenience, and the same low storage rates. Current vault offerings include Salt Lake City, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Toronto, Canada. 

VERY AFFORDABLE: All these features and benefits of allocated storage only costs 0.06% of your metal value per month. The monthly minimum is just $4 per customer account, and you can mix and match metals and vaults as you see fit for no additional charge.

  •  GoldSilver’s Allocated Storage Program solves the centuries-old dilemma: it keeps your bullion highly secure while giving you the ability to access it or sell it on short notice.

It’s the most ideal setup for bullion investors: private, highly secure storage, combined with ease of selling or taking delivery. Avoid the problems and risks of storing your gold in the house and yet have the ability to sell easily and quickly whenever you might want or need to.

Get Started Now With Secure Private Storage

We believe every investor should use professional storage once they have a small stash close to home, and we’ve made it as affordable as possible to get started. And regardless of the vault or vaults you use, all come with the same level of security and ease of selling and/or taking delivery.

Get started now…

  •  Simply add any qualifying metals to your cart, and at checkout select “Secure Vault Storage”—it’s that easy!

We’ll automatically create a storage account for you, and keep you updated as your metals are shipped and received by your chosen vault provider.

Or call us at 1-888-319-8166 (international +1-310-566-6655) to place on order over the phone.

You can get the full details on our storage plan here.