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Rick Rule: Commodities Just Re-Priced In A Way That Will Change Everything

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
MAR 9, 2022

Suddenly commodities -- oil, natural gas, wheat, gold, nickel, uranium, you name it -- are at the epicenter of the world's focus.

They've now been weaponized in the recent international response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The US and its allies are enforcing embargoes against Russian exports, while Russia simultaneously tells the West it won't sell to them anymore anyways.

Given that Russia is a top world supply of many key natural resources, the prices of many commodities are going ballistic. A number of them leaping by over 20-40% over the past week alone.

Thank goodness natural resources expert Rick Rule is able to join us today to help us make sense of the frantic action currently playing out before our eyes.

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