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The Bubblenomics of the Federal Reserve Since 1913  ( Original )
NOV 17, 2017

ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Fed's Bubblenomics by Murray Sabrin of on 11/15/17

Nothing has changed, same old song and dance through smoke & Mirrors
and more so since the U.S. went off the gold standard in 1971. Why are the Federal Reserve officials "blameless" for the economy’s booms and busts?

Excerpt: The US Congress created the Federal Reserve in 1913 to stabilize the economy after the Panic of 1907 and was “sold” to the American people as a measure to rein in the banks for their reckless behavior and enormous power over the economy. The fact that bankers and their allies helped draft the Federal Reserve Act seems to have been downplayed by most economists and financial historians.

Please read this interesting piece here;  The Fed's Bubblenomics