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World Gold Council Presents Gold 2048: The Next 30 Years for Gold

World Gold Council  ( Original )
MAY 18, 2018

The World Gold Council has published an extensive forecast for the next 30 years in the gold market which can be found in .pdf form here. Some highlights:

  • The expanding middle class in China and India, combined with broader economic growth, will have a significant impact on gold demand.
  • Use of gold across energy, healthcare and technology is changing rapidly. Gold’s position as a material of choice is expected to continue and evolve over the coming decades.
  • Mobile apps for gold investment, which allow individuals to buy, sell, invest and gift gold will develop rapidly in India and China.
  • Environmental, social and governance issues will play an increasing role in re-shaping mining production methods.
  • The gold mining industry will have to grapple with the challenge of producing similar levels of gold over the next 30 years to match the volume it has historically delivered.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Gold 2048 at World Gold Council on 5/17/18