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Debt: There's No Way Out for Draghi and the ECB  ( Original )
MAR 1, 2018

Like the rest of the central bankers, Draghi is addicted to debt and for them, all, a day of reckoning is coming. Markets will collapse and not much will survive but hard assets as Paul Tudor Jones, Dalio and Gundlach believe.

Here's what Martin Armstrong see's going on with the ECB;

Draghi realizes that he is subsidizing the European governments. He is not stimulating the economy, he simply has them on life-support.  Stopping the bond program will lead to a major crisis when there is NO BID for government bonds. Not only will Draghi keep buying government debt, he will be repurchasing debt that has expired. He will not reduce the balance sheet as the Federal Reserve is doing.

Draghi has created the economic NIGHTMARE from which there is no escape.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Draghi Admits He Cannot Stop Buying Gov’t Debt by Martin Armstrong of on 2/28/18