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Here's 7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Gold for 2018  ( Original )
JAN 8, 2018

ORIGINAL SOURCE: 7 reasons why investors should go for gold in 2018 by Jeff Reeves of on 1/7/18

This year is increasingly shaping up to look like a breakout year for gold

Here's a list of seven reasons to invest in gold for 2018;

1. Gold has built what looks to be a solid base from the last couple of years where sell-offs are snapped up quickly.

2. There is good momentum building in the ascent of the precious metal

3. Asset rotation, the stock market has had a good run, it would be smart to diversify some into gold.

4. Continuing weakening U.S. Dollar.

5. Strong Global demand.

6. Less gold being produced because of scarcity

7. The uncertainty of the crypto craze, smart investors are using gains and putting it back into precious metals.

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