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Here's Why Gold Could See $1900 oz+ Sooner Rather Than Later  ( Original )
NOV 3, 2017

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Gold Under the Right Conditions to See 1900 oz+ by Paul Ebeling of on 11/2/17

The Fed has said it would start unwinding its balance sheet in October, it has now started today Nov 3rd. Paul McCulley A former economist and former managing director at PIMCO has warned that the Fed should not be aggressive unwinding and hiking rates as it has never been done before.

You can listen to McCulley's interview by clicking the image below and the full story is below that.

Central bank balance sheets have always trended upwards and never decreased. Since this is something that has never been done before, markets are understandably worried.

Please read the rest here; Gold Under the Right Conditions to See 1900 oz+