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Dr. Lacy Hunt on Debt Deflation

Hidden Forces  ( Original )
DEC 4, 2017

Please join Demetri Kofinas In this episode of Hidden Forces with former Chief US Economist for HSBC, Lacy Hunt, about the macro forces driving the global economy in the 21st century. What effect might debt deflation, structural demographics, historically low savings rates, rising inequality, falling productivity, and financialization have on our future? 

How will we navigate the next recession, having wasted the last 8 years chasing the shadows of wealth through buy-backs, stock appreciation, and financialization? Where will the demand come from in a consumer-led economy still fighting the forces of debt-deflation with diminishing savings rates and rising interest expenses? How will we manage our unfunded liabilities, mortgage payments, rents, and college tuitions, with falling fertility rates? And how does all of this tie back to the resurgence of populism and the escalation of geopolitical tension in a world tied together by our liabilities but torn apart by the specter of conflict, the failures of diplomacy, and the expediency of war?