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Martin Armstrong: Here's How Hyperinflation Happens  ( Original )
MAR 5, 2018

Martin Armstrong takes us back in history to explain how hyperinflation has happened in various countries where it was actually the people lost faith in their governments.

I have also shown that the hyperinflation that took place in the Roman Empire during the 3rd century followed the capture of Emperor Valerian I in 260AD by the Persians. Once that took place, the barbarians from every angle began to invade the Roman Empire. Money was hoarded and the government had no choice but to debased the coinage to try to cover its bills.

There is a wealth of examples that demonstrate it is the collapse in CONFIDENCE that takes place and then the hyperinflation unfolds as a RESULT of that. It is NEVER as the gold bugs pitch to sell people gold that an increase in money supply is the cause of hyperinflation. It is ALWAYS, and without exception, the collapse in public confidence that precedes the hyperinflation.

It could easily happen again today as we are seeing some of the public moving away from fiat currency to crypto's and precious metals

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Hyperinflation Unfolds Only When Public Confidence Collapses by Martin Armstrong of on 3/5/18