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Rob Kirby: Trillions of UnAccounted Dollars and ESF Gold Suppression

The Daily  ( Original )
SEP 20, 2017

Rob Kirby, Kirby Analytics, believes the ESF is used to keep, along with other situations, the precious metals price under control. 

This actually makes sense as we have seen these massive bids come to market where “someone” dumps $2 billion worth of gold contracts in a matter of minutes. The affect this has on the precious metals markets is horrifying. The good news is, this technique has just about run it’s course and today is nowhere near as effective as it was just a few years back. The market players, while they still get wiped out, financially, they understand what has happened and immediately begin “buying the dip’ which forces the market to either stabilize or begin moving back to the upside.

The IMF recently announced they had underestimated the global debt problem by an estimated $13-$14 TRILLION dollars of global debt. A simple rounding error? How does one overlook $13-14 TRILLION dollars? How? By simply ignoring it until it suits your needs to drop a financial nuclear bomb. If that’s not the case then someone please explain to me how something like this $13,500,000,000,000 could be overlooked on a ledger sheet!

Please bear in mind the IMF is the unelected group of monetary criminals that supposedly have the entire global economy under control and know what is best for all the nations and all the people. Now we find out that $13-14 TRILLION of debt was overlooked! But, they’re sorry for the mistake and promise to have it all cleaned up and like new in no time. Sickening.

This is a great show and Rob does a fantastic job of explaining the ESF as we move the conversation through Mnuchin’s recent announcement of the gold in Ft. Knox being “safe”, Jeffrey Christian saying gold price suppression is a farce and several other lose ends that all come together very nicely. Well worth a good listen.