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Stephen Roach: The U.S. Economy Is an Accident Waiting to Happen  ( Original )
FEB 13, 2018

Former Morgan Stanley Chief Economist and Yale Economist  Stephen Roach is sounding the alarm on U.S. deficit and savings rate and calling it an accident waiting to happen here ... 

"The way I look at the fundamentals is they're extremely fragile, and we're kidding ourselves every time there's a correction to say, well, the economy is sound," Roach says. "It is not sound at all when seen through the lens of low savings."

Roach goes on to say that the inflation-adjusted U.S. savings rate could soon go to zero, creating long-term effects on the health of the economy

ORIGINAL SOURCE: US economy is an 'accident waiting to happen,' says Yale economist Stephen Roach by Evelyn Cheng of on 2/13/18